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COMPS INC customers includes Real Estate Brokers, Appraisers, Banks, Investors, Mortgage Companies and other professionals seeking to solicit new home owners. Even sellers and buyers of homes can utilize the sales data we provide to estimate value.
Hundreds of people have switched to our software. Why?
1. Saves you hours of valuable time.
2. Very easy to use.
3. Less expensive than other services.
"We are able to search for commercial and residential comparable sales over a wide area in seconds, this would normally take hours to research manually from books. We find that over any period of time your service is typically more current than other services."  
Michael Maloney, Appraiser
"Since we started using this service our office saves about 25 hours per week. The time saved allows us to do more work and make more money. My appraisers love it."
" I can't believe people are still manually researching data."
John Montovani, ASAP Appraisals

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