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What's New At COMPS?
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Great NEW INFO for New York City:
House Style (Ranch, Old Style, Colonial, Cape Cod, Cottage etc)
Definitively identify if a building is attached, detached or semi-attached.
Exterior Construction (Masonry, Brick, Stucco, Frame etc)
Garage Type (Basement Garage, Attached, Detached etc)
Garage Square Footage
Finished Square Footage of building
Unfinished Square Footage of building
Complete breakdown of the Square Footage in a building that is mixed use (commercial SF, retail SF etc)
Better lot information as to waterfront, corner or interior lot, corner and more
Building altered date (if a building has been changed or altered we have the date)
Appraiser Parcel Number (APN)
Easement information if there is one
Historic District if property is in one
Landmark name if a property is one
New House Photos for NYC, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, using the Google maps. This feature has been available for several months now in the Maps section
If you subscribe to Suffolk County, we have Block and Lot Maps for Free.
Don't forget if you subscribe to any county we will give you a free mobile app for your phone or I-Pad for the areas you subscribe to
3.45 Features
NYC Arms Length Sales & Contract Date - Available for NYC Boroughs (Except Staten Island).
Updated Westchester & Rockland Sales Data - We now have the most current data for these areas while most other services are 4-6 months behind.
Flood Map Info on Assessment Records - Flood Panel Numbers, Flood Zones & Map dates will now show in assessment data.
FAR (Floor Area Ratios) - Available for NYC 5 Boroughs.
New Link to Building Department - Tax History, Tentative & Final Tax Rolls.
New Flood Maps for New York City 5 Boroughs, Nassau & Suffolk
Basement Information for New York City - Full / Partial / Above Grade, etc.
Year House Altered - For New York City 5 Boroughs.
More In Depth Zoning Information - For New York City 5 Boroughs.
NYC Waterfront Property Indicator - On New York City sales & assessment data.
New York City School & Fire District information
New York City Property Ownership type - Private, partnership, city owned, etc.
Home for Sale Listing Data for 1004MC Form - We have added listings data to the MC1004 Market conditions form. This data is included in the existing 1004MC form in the COMPS software. Nassau, Suffolk & Queens now available with the remaining four NYC boroughs to follow soon!
Lis Pendens Search - Ability to search for lis pendens by zip code, location, date, etc.
Market Conditions Addendum with market trends - Effective April 1st, 2009 Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac requires all 1-4 family appraisals to have form 1004MC Market Conditions Addendum.
Foreclosed Sales - Foreclosed properties will be highlighted in the sales results. You will have the option to search for records with or without foreclosed properties included.
Lis Pendens -  Will first be available in both Nassau & Suffolk Counties with New York City soon to follow.  This will help to identify potential short sales.
CO-OP Radius Search - Ability to search CO-OP sales via radius search.
Suffolk County Radius Search By School District - You will now be able to search for comparable sales in Suffolk county within the same.
Save Property Photos - You will now be able to save the property photos in the COMPS software to a folder or a report.
Free Nassau County Zoning Maps! - Zoning maps for Nassau County available free to paying Nassau subscribers.
Updated Rockland County Sales Data - We now have the most up to date data for Rockland County available on the market today!  Sales data now includes room counts, house style, square footage and more!  Westchester County to follow!
Updated NYC Flood Maps - (Five Boroughs)
Internet Based Searches - When using this option, no need to update sales or assessment data
Co-Op Information - Sales records for Co-Op units, with sales prices! (NYC, no Staten Island)
Condo Room Counts & Floor Plans  (Where Available) (NYC, no Staten Island)
New Construction Search - Ability to limit search to only 'New Construction'
Management Company Names - Subject to availability (Five Boroughs)
Zoning Definitions - Detailed explanation of zoning classifications. (Five Boroughs)  
Zoning Maps (Five Boroughs)
Building Complaints (Five Boroughs)
Certificate of Occupancy (Five Boroughs)
Property Documents - Including deeds, mortgages, power of attorney, etc.. (Five Boroughs)
New Property Photos - Over 50,000 photos of homes built after 1987 (NYC)
Aerial Photos ( Available for Nassau, Suffolk and Five Boroughs!)
Building Maps - Shows the Actual shape of building (Five Boroughs)
Address Locator - Finds address for corner properties with dual address! (Five Boroughs)
Building Violations (Five Boroughs)
Current Market Analysis Reports (CMA) Personalized to your office.
Elevator Records (Five Boroughs)
Flip Sales Finder - Ties Sales Marked as Flipped together at the click of the button! (All Areas)
Links to NYC Building Department Pages (Five Boroughs)
More User Friendly Software - Can be used by anyone! Free tech supports as always!
Multi Lot Sales Finder - Ties all related sales together with the click of a button! (All Areas)
Commercial Data - Detailed breakdown of units, square footage, income & expenses.
Cool Links - Links to sites of interest.
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